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Cookie policy

With this Cookie policy we want to inform you about the cookies that can be placed when you use our online platforms.

Cookie Notice

“At Alcatraz Interlocks we believe in measuring. That is why we use cookies on our websites. With this we ensure that the website becomes more user-friendly. Our cookies only have analytical, communicative or functional purposes. By continuing on our website you accept cookies and similar techniques. ” - I get it -

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information that can be stored on your computer or on another device. When a cookie is stored, your device sends the data from that file back to the party that placed the cookie. This will recognize your device. The placed cookies remain valid for a limited period from the moment they are placed on a device. For some cookies the validity period is limited to the browser session, other cookies remain stored on the device for a longer period of time.

The personal data that we collect using cookies is processed by us in accordance with our  Privacy policy , unless this Cookie policy indicates otherwise.

Cookies we use on our online platforms

Cookies we use can be divided into different categories:

1. Essential cookies

These cookies are necessary for the operation of our online platforms or certain parts thereof. These cookies are placed when you visit or use part of our website.

2. Functional cookies

The difference between essential and functional cookies is that essential cookies are strictly necessary. Functional cookies are not. But because these cookies are aimed at optimizing various functionalities, this has a positive effect on your online experience.

3. Analytical cookies

The analytical cookies register visits and preferences of visitors to our website. We collect this information to analyze the use of the website.

Cookie settings, block and delete cookies

When you use our website you automatically agree to the cookies we use. However, you can delete cookies. In your browser you can set that certain cookies cannot be placed. You can also delete placed cookies via your browser.