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Safety by design

Interlocks to protect and prevent failures to environment, humans and processes & equipment

Who are we?

Alcatraz Interlocks operates and supports a wide selection of Global Industrial Processes, keeping these working environments safe and secure. Our complete range of mechanical & Electro-mechanical Interlocks are products which are fully adaptable to supply multiple solutions to those requested end-user requirements. 

Our products have a history as a solution provider, we ensure process applications within the Green Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemical & Tank Storage segments, where they ensure a safer workplace during Daily Operations, Maintenance & Shutdowns.

However Mechanical & Electro-mechanical interlocks are applicable to many other markets and applications. It is our goal to share the story, to operate safely, and prevent failures which can hurt humans, the environment we live in, and prevent valuable product losses.


Our specialists

Meet specialist Gertjan

Do you want to operate safely and prevent failures in your applications? Contact Gertjan or one of our technical engineers to discuss how to do it.



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