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Flow control

Across various Industries to be able to meet the process requirements, it is needed to be able to control what product flows and when. To ensure continuous safe operation it is important that the right products flow in and out of a process, certain flows are maintained during operation of specific equipment, under / over / no dosing is prevented and proper maintenance as well as regeneration is ensured.

Role of Interlocks

Interlocks enable the user to control the position of any valve while simultaneously maintaining product flow to equipment like pumps, reactors etc. These valves may be located in inlet, outlet, bypass, regeneration lines etc of processes thus making Interlocks a universal solution for these situations. Interlocks will ensure that sequence of valves and connected equipment is always performed in a predefined and unchanging path. Although there are widespread scenarios that can be offered within this type of application, a few examples have been given below:

  • Switchover for flowlines of steam generator system, heat exchanger, reactor etc.
  • Isolation for maintenance of equipment like boiler, tanks, adsorbers etc.
  • To avoid over / under pressure.
  • Proper dosing.
  • Ensuring correct valve operation when pump is running.
  • Catalyst / Desiccant regeneration

Advantages of Alcatraz Interlocks

1) Due to the minimal size and their individual bolt-on nature the Lock Portions and Keys can be fitted on bespoke designed solutions for the full range of applications across all fields of valve interlocking, instrumentation, control panels, automization easily connecting (and integrating) to any form of electronic/mechanical components.

2) We can complement our Interlocks with Key Exchange Boxes, Sequence Control Unit and electrical cabinets to fulfil even the most complex sequence requirements as well as the process requirements related to obtaining certain temperature / pressure values before continuing with the sequence further.

3) In some cases, especially for maintenance scenarios, there can be quite a long time in which interlocks are not operated at all. Our interlocks are designed to avoid ingress of dirt or contamination by environmental factors irrespective if the key is inserted or not with the help of an automatic closing dust cap and keys which encapsulate the lock portion when entered. This helps in avoiding any surprises when the Interlocks need to be operated.

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