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It is our goal to share the story, to operate safely, and prevent failures which can hurt Humans, the environment we live in, and prevent valuable product losses. Our products have a history within Oil & Gas and Chemical markets, Chemical & Tank Storage segments, where they ensure a safer workplace during Daily Operations, Maintenance & Shutdowns.

However Mechanical & Electro-mechanical interlocks are applicable to many other markets and applications. By that we want to inspire you with our applications stories regarding interlocking in the different markets.


Tank Farm &
Storage Solutions


Pressure Safety Valve System

Our expert
Craig Young
Operations Director

Do you want to operate safely and prevent failures in your applications? Contact Craig or one of our technical engineers to discuss how to do it.

With over more than 30 years of experience our dedicated team will come up with a tailored solution to prevent failures which can hurt humans, the environment we live in or valuable product losses.