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Operating your various processes is a 24-7 business, it’s critical for all process interlocking solutions to function flawlessly, therefore you need service where you can rely on.

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Besides our interlock solutions, we also provide services. Our service installation teams from Alcatraz Interlocks, both global and local, are very experienced in supporting installation, commissioning, measuring topworks, inspections and maintenance, training and emergency repairs.

Improving your operational efficiencies & reducing your process downtimes

Alcatraz Interlocks supports some of the world’s biggest companies involved in the oil, gas, petro-chemical and power station industry. They rely on our experience and that of our local fully qualified trained distributors to obtain all the top works technical dimensions of the valves on site or at their facilities. And to install all the mechanical interlocks and carry out the commission of the installations. Our clients trust and rely on our expertise to carry this work out so they can focus on their process and production without being disturbed. With the technical backup that is essential to maintain a constant product flow.

Process efficiency

Operating your various processes is a 24-7 business, it’s critical for all process interlocking solutions to function flawlessly, no matter what piece of host equipment it's installed upon.
Not taking this into consideration can cause efficiency losses, change over delays, and emergency shutdowns, as the safe process logic cannot be executed.

Process Facility Safety

Human, environment and facility safety are three huge important factors.
Not reviewing your simple equipment, just to reduce the yearly budget can unfortunately come back as a major issue. An unreliable valve in an emergency can create a devastating situation for human life, impact the environment or create an enormous monetary loss.

Maintenance and operation

If a facility uses our products as they are defined to be used for, as within the product data books they shall last for many years.
However, all mechanical items can get worn, dirty, abused, bypassed, or removed, noting most of our products are added onto other mechanical products which also wear and need annual maintenance, like a host valve. So we have natural occurring wear, but it can also be brought on when new personnel or personnel unfamiliar with these special items struggle to understand how to correctly use them, what’s wrong or have simply not been trained nor supported in using them.

Understanding the basics of your interlocking solutions is key, then recording any failures is therefore also of importance so an end-user knows where training or possibly more maintenance is required.
Understanding the root cause of the malfunction, or what could happen if you do not execute a periodic maintenance plan, allows you to be one step ahead in your process safety. Being ahead, gives your various engineering facets adequate time to plan / follow-up and action thus reducing the number of defects within your facility, which reduces down time. To achieve this goal, the first step is to call Alcatraz.
We have developed multiple inspection plans, categorised at different level needs and performed by a trained Alcatraz Engineer or one of our globally trained representatives.

Our facility audits provide the end-user with an up-to-date overview, highlighting the current status of your mechanical and electro-mechanical interlock solutions. It shall detail the next steps to take place, what items need replacing or recalibrated.

To ensure the products of Alcatraz continue to provide their needs, we shall also provide recommendations for corrective and preventive actions, trainings and future inspections. Our inspections always come with a proposal for ensuring long-term operational integrity towards your installed base of Process Safety Solutions.

In need of support or service at your plant or facility? We as Alcatraz Interlocks can help you with installation, measurement, inspection and maintenance of your installation to keep you and your equipment safe.

Our expert
Arek Janik
Service Engineer