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Tank farming / storage

The demand for tank Storage space is a continuously growing business sector. Meaning the pressure for space within the existing facilities is high. Therefore, using the available infrastructure efficiently and without issues or down time is key to the operators.

This is one of the Key factors Alcatraz Interlocks supports its global Tank Storage clients. With open consultation, we support and ensure the correct valve line-up applications, with a preliminary focus to prevent product contamination, discharging of products in or out of the incorrect tank(s), and the transferring of products from tank to ship / truck within a correct piping line up.

Cross contamination a huge factor

Contamination is naturally a huge factor for any storage terminal. Mistakes have a direct cost, and the facilities reputation in handling a clients produce can be severely impacted. Next to that, these types of incidents can create a possible spike in the global deliveries and pricing of these goods. There are many old and modern facilities, where the lining up of these manual valves correctly, can be challenging due to all the piping modifications over the years.

Even with highly talented and experienced operators, using written procedures, the probability of an incorrect valve being operated or simply left open by mistake, within all the crisscrossing of process lines & valves on site, is still there. Plus, a written procedure does not give a final valve position feed-back to the CCR in a real-time aspect.

Solutions to avoid cross contamination?

To automate an existing tank farm from there standardly known hand operated valves, to more actuated systems, is a hugely expensive exercise, which requires Capex investment. However, Alcatraz again can support, by combining a selection of our Mechanical Keyed interlocks which creates a first level of protection, as valves cannot now be incorrectly operated, these items simply replace the current valve hand wheel or lever.

Digital Key cabinets, an extra safety level

Then we can complement this, by adding our second level of safety, by having a direct key feedback input with one of our digital key cabinets. These cabinets can be either located in the tank farm, outside its battery limits, at a loading jetty, or simply within the CCR facility. As there are multiple line-ups possible, together with our clients we look at the various needs and create either individual feedback or system line up feedback, only when the Digital cabinet has its correct alignment of keys, can the transferring of produce begin.

Want to know more?

Our own specialist Gertjan Moons is ready to answer all your type of questions! For the smallest ambiguities or extra information that you need. Do not hesitate and contact us immediately!

Gertjan Moons
Technical & Commercial Engineer

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