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Alcatraz Interlocks operates and supports a wide selection of Global Industrial Processes, keeping these working environments safe and secure. Our complete range of mechanical & Electro-mechanical Interlocks are products which are fully adaptable to supply multiple solutions to those requested end-user requirements.

Our products have a history as a solution provider, we ensure process applications within the Green Energy, Oil & Gas, Chemical & Tank Storage segments, where they ensure a safer workplace during Daily Operations, Maintenance & Shutdowns. However Mechanical & Electro-mechanical interlocks are applicable to many other markets and applications. It is our goal to share the story, to operate safely, and prevent failures which can hurt Humans, the environment we live in, and prevent valuable product losses.

Tank & Bulk Handling Storage

Beside being a leader in Process Safety, we also work closely with clients to ensure they avoid asset loss, due to product cross contamination within tank storage facilities, bulk handling, and industrial Silo Parks.

With close consultation, we can support by setting up the right category level of sequence of events, using mechanical and Electro-mechanical Interlocks from our range. This way clients can avoid hazardous or asset loss due to cross contamination, which in turn again save products, the environment, and operating costs.

Daily operation of these facilities is often by manual alignment and human input, as these can be complex the risk of an incorrect alignment is high. Simply upgrading to our products is a cost-efficient exercise, easy to add on, and no major infrastructure change requirement.

Petrochemical and oil & gas industry

Mechanical Interlocks have a long history, dating back to the industrial revolution, and since developing over time to become a category one product to ensure process safety within todays various industrial, petrochemical, Oil & Gas & energy markets.
Protecting human life, Assets and ensuring safe operations is key. This is also seen by end-users and legislators to be a high priority aspect of importance within today’s society.
Interlocking has a big part to play on this safe working environment & preventing human failure.

Alcatraz have created multiple applications over our 25+ years, ensuring safe switch-over of pressure safety valve applications, complex pig launching & receiving traps, pump flow alignments, Flare protection, chemical dosing pots, vessel depressurization, 2 out of 3 metering applications and many more.

Green Energy

Transitioning over to the sustainable greener energy sector is not the future, it is the Now. Alcatraz applications fit directly into this sector, and we offer a wide selection of products which have a direct back-to-back use. Creating our energy in a greener way globally, is a great step forward. However, we face the same risks in protecting these assets, and preventing the human failures. This is one area Alcatraz are pioneering and supporting together with renewable partners, creating a greener, safer world of solutions for the 21st Century.


We are a well trusted Partner / Design house and Manufacturer of Process Safety Solutions with over 25+ years of experience, supplying our products and engineering advice towards the various world leaders within the Industrial EPC constructors, in all corners of the world.

Next to delivering our high-quality products & Services, the Alcatraz team are highly experienced in running global multi-national projects. We know how to ensure all the various milestones of a large project are ticked, the required standards & norms, and to ensure the project timeline stays on track. We simply believe success is working as a team, and we do this inside and outside our organisation. Ensuring all parties are successful and your project is delivered on time.

We are Alcatraz Interlocks, a Dutch company (daughter of Indutrade AB) specialized in manufacturing Mechanical & Electromechanical Interlock & Process

As a company we believe in safety by design.

This translates into an Engineered design, which provides key safety solution for humans, processes, equipment, and the environment. With 30 years of experience in the Process Safety Industry, as a worldwide supplier of high quality 100% fully AISI 316 stainless steel mechanical interlocks and various process safety solutions.

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