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Door locks for machine guarding

A Door Lock is an Interlock device that prevents two parts from being separated, consisting of, but not limited to, keeping an entry door into an enclosure closed. Alcatraz Interlocks provides these door locks with single or double keys and with springs or chains. These door locks are used for machine guarding applications.

Our Bolt / Door Locks have now been developed to use a single unified body allowing it to be assembled into the required application ranging from Single key Bolt Lock, Single key Door Lock, Double key Bolt Lock and Double key Door Lock with more applications upcoming.

Door locks applications

A Door Lock is operated with the help of an Interlock key which when inserted releases the Door Lock handle whilst trapping the Interlock Key. While the handle is removed, the application it is fitted to is free to be used: opening the door, moving the loading arm to the medium container, opening the hatch or opening the flange.

Only after moving the equipment back into its original position, and returning the Door Lock handle into the Interlock can the Interlock Key be removed, locking the handle in place. Door locks prevent accidents in applications where there are critical installations like:

  • Industrial mixers
  • Separators
  • Dryers
  • Granulators
  • Centrifuges
  • Electrostatic precipitators

Download specs for Door lock Interlocks

Door lock solutions

The interlock key is used to engage or disengage the pin of the door lock to open or close a door and allow the interlocked equipment to be operated further.

Specs of door locks
  • Machined AISI 316 body
  • Interlocked open / closed position
  • Bespoke nameplate / tagging
  • Alcatraz 5 step safety integrity design

Feature and benefits of door locks
  • Mechanically programmed key codes
  • Encapsulated lock portion preventing ingress & contamination
  • Tamperproof mounted solutions
  • Compact ergonomic modular design

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Electrical Key Cabinets

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Spare Keys

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Sequence control units

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