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Interlocks for Machine Guarding

For different machine guarding application we supply interlock solution. Take a look below.

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Machine Guarding

Alcatraz’ machine guarding interlocks can be used to guard machines and ensure safe operations. Yearly a number of accidents happen during operations and maintenance. We have bolt locks, door locks and car seals to prevent these failures and accidents. Machine guarding applications are well suited for paper and pulp, water treatment and food & beverage companies. These companies often use mixers or separators and these could be dangerous if they are being entered during operations. Our technical engineers will help you find the right solution to protect your employees and machines.

Want to know more about how to guard your machines or operate safely in critical situations? Gertjan or one of our other specialists are willing to help you. Click on the contact button and fill in our contact form. Do you want to contact him directly call him at +31 76 514 7172

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