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Interlock for Motor operated valve (MOV)

Alcatraz MOV Interlocking applications, are designed to suit Electrical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic controlled actuators. Our solutions are designed to mechanically block various parts of the actuator, such as the local power supply, valve position indicator plate located on top of the gear-unit, and the manual override. Next to our standard mechanical items we can also fit electronic components for a digital feedback. It mechanically blocks various parts of the actuator: the power supply, the valve position indicator plate on top of the gear-unit and the manual override of the actuator.Alcatraz Interlocks has designs for different systems. By the exchange of mechanical coded keys between the different components of the actuator, operation of the actuator can incorporated into mechanical interlocked systems.

The interlock on top of the indicator of the gear-unit has three different keys which exchange based on the position of the valve, two different keys for the open and closed position of the valve and one switch key for operating the MOV. On the Manual Override an interlock is fitted configured to accept the only switch key. The actuator switch is fitted with an interlock which is also configured to accept the switch.

The initial valve position key is inserted into the indicator interlock allowing to release the switch key, this blocks the initiating position key in place and unlocks the indicator interlock. The switch is inserted into either the Actuator Selector Switch or the Manual Override, during operation the switch is trapped.

When the valve is operated to the alternate position the switch key is removed and MOV valve operation is disabled. The switch key is returned to the Gear-unit indicator interlock and inserted into the alternate valve position part of the indicator interlock. The key for the MOV valve alternate position can now be removed, locking the MOV in the alternate valve position and also preventing removal of the switch key. Which during operation of the valve is used to unlock either the actuator switch or the manual override.

All locking systems are built to our standard key coded mechanism.

Solutions for motor operated valve systems
  • Suitable for linear and rotating actuators.
  • Suitable for electric, pneumatic and hydraulic actuators.
  • Mechanically locks the power switch, position indicator and manual override.
  • Integrates MOV's into an interlocking sequence of manually operated valves.
  • 2 sizes: 4-24 inch & >24 inch

Applications of motor operated valve interlocks

Alcatraz Interlocks’ Motor operated valve (MOV) interlocking system can be used to control valve flow, ensure safe valve operation and pig trap systems.

  • Flow control / valve flow control
  • Safe valve operation
  • Pig trap systems

Download specs for Motor operated valve Interlocks

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