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Service Excellence

Service Excellence is an important part of our company philosophy, its built into the Alcatraz DNA. We strive to support our clients, in the fastest and most professional way, whilst observing the rules and regulations our clients and holding company set down. 

We have a core team of engineers, who are Dedicated, Pro-active, Experienced & Hands-on.Supporting our company dynamics its our goal for local business, such as the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany, to always try and arrange a next day visit / solution when requested by a customer.

We have arranged our Workshop / Service activities in a Lean methodology, and all team members are multi-functionally trained, so we have created a flexibility. Having such a work culture creates an environment where people feel responsible for their jobs, products, and for our clients.

This creates an internal understanding, showing the importance of our client’s continuity, and their various processes where our solutions are implemented.Many of our solutions are used within the Power, Chemical & Petrochemical environments. They are used as a key factor to safeguard the routine maintenance processes, but also supporting the more complex daily operations of any facility. Some of these operations are performed several times per day, and often by various crew changes, with an operational expectancy from 10 to sometimes 25 years in a row.

So, our solutions can naturally get worn, damaged or misused, and simply need some attention, repair, or replacement. This can be on an urgent basis, therefore our philosophy is as such, we react immediately to our clients request for maintenance & support, since these needs normally can not wait until the next upcoming maintenance shutdown.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is a multi-level program Alcatraz provides towards our clients. Its core practice is to prevent any major failures, and reduced process safety oversights and long-term costs. Maintenance requirements are scheduled differently for many pieces of equipment, and Mechanical & Electro-mechanical interlocks are often forgotten items, and simply not taken into regards when planning any maintenance stops or needs. Since every interlock solution, environment, operations, and frequency used all influence the host solutions working condition.

Therefore, we Alcatraz offer an annual or bi-annual check-up of the associated interlocking systems installed. During these periodic checks, we systematically check the interlocks for their running condition, installation, tagging and sequence. Should this give rise to any needed maintenance, then we shall either perform an on-the-spot repair to bring the interlock / solution back into its optimum running condition. Or take the required technical information to perform a more detailed overhaul. Just a little thing such as a key, which could be released a bit easier can have influence on an operator’s experience using our Alcatraz solutions.

We also listen to the users, operators, and their managers for input on how to continuously improve their processes using our solutions and adjust where needed.Such preventive maintenance visits by an Alcatraz specialist, gives us the opportunity to identify damages, misuse of systems which are easily repaired, prior to any drastic action. It also prevents items becoming unfixable, or no longer fit for function, lowering costs and down time. Safety by Design is also a moto Alcatraz use, so items found which require replacement / repair during a survey will then have these items put into a production plan. This production will be started on a priority basis.

Next to reviewing the installed bases, these visits also allow the Alcatraz team to create relationships with our users and clients, to openly discuss further needs, changes, trainings, or support. Being onsite, our technical / commercial engineers can collate this technical information such as valve topworks, or host equipment component dimensions, and again manufacturing can be initiated at the soonest.

Technical Sales Site Survey

A further service we provide is, a Technical Sales Site Survey.

Upon a client’s request, we will arrange a meeting at the associated site, to discuss the needed requirements the client has. We will first observe the site, process, or unit, advise the correct solution, conduct technical & process logic advice, take any needed measurements like valve or host equipment topworks dimensions. Further, we can judge if any process or circumstance requires an adjusted solution, noting Alcatraz have 25+ years of experience in this field.

For example, a confined space or any restrictive ATEX / Hazardous environment, its possible that one of our bespoke electromechanical solutions could be the needed requirement. Some systems are often found within a hazardous zone, or they may contain high velocity rotating parts, be in a pit with a danger to trapped gasses, or a danger to superheated steam or H2s.

However, reviewing onsite, we can inform a client directly, that by simply moving our devices a couple of meters, possibly outside the battery limits, might be the only change needed to the requirements, and will result in a much more economical and optimised safer solution.

This also applies to any solution where several keys meet a mechanical / electro-mechanical key exchange unit / timer or cabinet, as its placement and resulting mounting materials can be optimised for a more user-friendly operation.

All the above allows Alcatraz to make 100% the correct technical offer without any future surprises, but more importantly, once our client has placed the PO for the offered items, we can immediately start engineering, design, and manufacturing as we already have obtained the needed technical information during our visit. This improves the order workflow and allows for an optimised standard lead-time.

If a lead-time is urgent, our client can consider opting for a premium charge, this cuts the lead-time in half or even more on occasions, all this is made possible by close teamworking, ad-hoc response and dedication to tackling each project milestone, no matter the size. Creating a successful and worry-free delivered and installed client experience.

Should any of the above raise a requirement, desire, interest, or curiosity, please feel free to contact myself or one of my Alcatraz colleagues.

We look forward to meeting existing clients again, and welcoming new clients who are looking for a resolute supplier of safety solutions with Service Excellence as our motto.

On behalf of the Alcatraz team

Published by Alcatraz Interlocks on 23/05/22